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7 January 2004 Wednesday

I had a busy day. I changed a barretter in a final selector, finished the clock wiring interceptions, recovered an extension and its jumpering, shifted some camera cabling in the loft and got a DP cable into place to the shop ready for terminating later.

14 January 2004 Wednesday

I spent the day putting in DP7 in the shop.

15 January 2004 Thursday

We got under way to go to the Telephone Museum at Wolverton, Milton Keynes. The museum was fine and the chaps were very welcoming. they gave us a cup of tea and showed us round, and one of the chaps then took us for a quick tour of the complete museum complex, which was very interesting. I collected two 8064s, two 8*25 strip connections for the IDF and a strip mounted relay set base (but without a cover). They did not have locks for pre-payment coin boxes. Even their own box did not have a lock on the cash box.

21 January 2004 Wednesday

I went to the DFR and finished off DP7 and the clock control circuit.

25 February 2004 Wednesday

I went to the DFR in the morning to mount the relay set and cable it away to the final selector shelves.

3 March 2004 Wednesday

I got the first rack of finals working to the P wire relay busying circuit

17 March 2004 Wednesday

I spent the morning getting the temporary cable to the 9681 coach up onto a gantry to make it safe. After lunch I modified the finals on the 800 rack to work to the busying relays.

24 March 2004 Wednesday

I spent the morning at the DFR providing a battery for the Rugby clock and the afternoon running in a power cable in the carriage shed.

31 March 2004 Wednesday

I went to the DFR and spent the day on a ladder cabling for the power distribution in the carriage workshop.

7 April 2004 Wednesday

I spent the morning changing the backboards on the outlets in the carriage works. After lunch I changed a final selector barretter.

14 April 2004 Wednesday

Bernard and I ran the cables to the top platform.

21 April 2004 Wednesday

I went to the DFR and spent an uncomfortable day putting up the lights for the 1940s event.

5 May 2004 Wednesday

I spent most of the day on telephone wipe-up.

12 May 2004 Wednesday

I spent the day getting the common services onto a block on the IDF.

19 May 2004 Wednesday

We put a speaker up on the main platform to serve the high level platform. I terminated the DP3B cable back at DP3A. After lunch we got the backboard in place for the phones on the high level platform. I also managed a look at why the TP release is not working in the exchange. Nothing to do with me, the fault is further back in the common services.

26 May 2004 Wednesday

I went to the DFR and got the phones installed up on the high platform. I also got a couple of lines through to DP2B for Peter Woods.

2 June 2004 Wednesday

I got the PA interface relay set connected and working.

4 June 2004 Friday

I went to the DFR to meet John Hatton and check out the PA. We found the amplifier gain was set too high and that the speaker where we fitted the new one was loose connection. We got it right by the time we left but we will have to go back and reconnect the new speaker at a later date. I think we will also have to turn up the gain on 595 and the direct access teles.

23 June 2004 Wednesday

I went to the DFR and spent the day clearing out the hut by the gatehouse. Practically everything except the loudspeakers is now in the Caboosh. A hard day's work.

30 June 2004 Wednesday

I went to the DFR and got the diode matrix changed to provide the correct access to the tele on the hi-level platform. I then got in the speaker cable between the rack and the frame and put in the necessary jumpers. Now I have to wait until I get a spare non-running day to change over the speaker wires to the new route. I also got some gear stowed away in the loft and managed to clean the exchange floor.

7 July 2004 Wednesday

I did some cabling, sign writing, tidying and faulting in the exchange.

21 July 2004 Wednesday

We fitted three lights in the 9681 coach and took a ride up to Whitecroft on the DMU to look at the cable route.

28 July 2004 Wednesday

I went through the 700 teles to find the "red" mics. I found four in the end. I tried putting one in 531 but it would not work in that sort of phone. I also sorted out some more 300s to bring home. Later I terminated the extra 15 pairs to DP2 on the frame and recovered a block from the roof space to fit over in the workshop. I will have to terminate the next ten pairs next week.

4 August 2004 Wednesday

I spent the morning adding two loudspeakers to the Dymock building. After lunch I got the circuits out to the Dymock building for another direct access tele to the PA system. I brought a telephone home to work on for this.

5 August 2004 Thursday

I went to the DFR to modify the PA relay set. Unfortunately it was a running day so all we could do is pick up another tele for use in the Dymock building. I have to convert it to a dial-less PA phone with a button.

6 August 2004 Friday

I went to the DFR to modify the PA relay set. It works OK with the mod.

11 August 2004 Wednesday

I fitted the PA phone in the Dymock building and tried out the cordless phone idea. It works but I have to reduce the gain somewhere. I also terminated the 10 pairs to DP2 and helped Bernard find the faulty light fitting in the 9681 coach.

13 August 2004 Friday

After lunch we went to the DFR as John Hatton felt the battery was failing. We uncovered the battery to find one of the 6V cells faulty and bulging out. Luckily we had a spare and I changed it. The battery now seems OK but the charger is too big for the job and seems to be overcharging. I will have a look at it on Wednesday.

18 August 2004 Wednesday

Bernard and I changed the light fitting in the store room and then used that fitting in the 9681 coach.. Hopefully everyone has more light now. We also tried out a cordless phone on the PA. OK but it probably needs the volume control installed. We also adjusted the charge rate on the rectifier, knocking it down from 6 amps to about 2 and a half. We tidied up the exchange and got the junk up into the loft.

25 August, 2004 Wednesday

I spent the day at the junction cabling for a power socket under the platform edge.

01 September, 2004 Wednesday

Norman and I worked at getting the cable to the new lamp post and getting the lamp fitted on the top of the post. I also got the PA volume control etc working in the Dymock Building.

08 September, 2004 Wednesday

Visiting loco 9642

I got the amplifier etc at the Junction working again first. I fixed the earth to the new lamp post and we tested the PA cordless telephone and labelled it all up. I also fitted a speaker on/off switch in the Dymock building.

15 September, 2004 Wednesday

We tried out a digital cordless phone on the PA which worked fine. I found a suitable case to mount on the wall to hold the phone etc. I fitted a bulb in the new platform lamp. We found a couple of faults which were bringing up PGs on the exchange. I added a second POS socket in the booking office. I fitted Ivor's baseboard to the wall in the carriage shed.

22 September, 2004 Wednesday

We put up the lights for the War weekend and got the cordless phone working OK with Ken Davies. I had a look at the rectifier as the alarm was on. I couldn't find anything wrong when it was reset.

20 October, 2004 Wednesday

I cleared faults all day including selectors in the exchange and the changing of a BT20/12 at DP3A. Les has found work with carriage and wagon.

27 October, 2004 Wednesday

I spent the morning with Norman getting a 110V light to work for the Halloween weekend and with John Metherall putting up a string of outside lights. After lunch I took all the items off the museum wall that I am going to use as a telephone museum exhibit. I also got the light working in the ladies loo.

03 November, 2004 Wednesday

I did a lot of small jobs, fitting a batten in the workshop, changing a light fitting in the lobby, working on the Christmas lights, resetting the PA clock and cleaning up the telcom wall in the museum.

10 November, 2004 Wednesday

I went to the DFR spending the morning putting up hooks in the workshop and the afternoon putting up the angels, reindeer etc for Christmas. I also managed to reterminate extensions 565 and 870 on sockets in the exchange.

17 November, 2004 Wednesday

I put up a file shelf in the workshop and then went to paint the wall in the museum. I got the small PMBXs sorted and fixed during the afternoon.

24 November, 2004 Wednesday

I spent most of the day changing over the speaker cabling from the PA, recovering the two blocks and repositioning the PA rack. I also put up a backboard in the museum for the 10+50 power unit and extension phones. I gave it a coat of paint.

1 December, 2004 Wednesday

I fitted the ring back relay set. Bernard ran a mains supply for the 10+50 power unit which we got going only to find that it was 50V unit, not 30V as we hoped. Still it will do the job.

15 December, 2004 Wednesday

I installed the override timer switch for the PA and it's associated lamp, Connected DP8 to the 10+50 and put through the two exchange lines. Bernard helped in the afternoon to install DP8 and get the power unit lighting the warning lamp over the door.

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