Jumpering a New Line

Jumpering a new line usually involves two jumpers, though some small exchanges may only require an MDF jumper.

This page deals with jumpering in a UAX13 but other exchanges will be similar

Before jumpering a new line, in many exchanges it is necessary first to disconnect the NU tone jumpers from the "spare"line number on the "multiple" side of the IDF. Rearranging the NU tone jumpers and strapping is usually very tedious.
More modern exchanges have final selectors that can return NU tone should the multiple number be left disconnected. In this case much time is saved.

Typical Exchange Line  Jumpering in a UAX13

Two jumpers have to be provided on the frames to connect up a new line.

1) A two wire MDF jumper between the cable pair serving the line and the protector serving the required multiple number.

2) A three wire jumper is provided on the IDF to connect the multiple number to the required linefinder outlet.

Record cards have to be completed within the exchange.

1) The MDF jumper is recorded on the A606 card which is in number order. Note that the DP cards will also have to be completed so that the full routing is available.

2) The IDF jumper is recorded on the A737 card, which is in number order and the A736 card which is in linefinder bank outlet order.

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