Circuit Records and DP Location Maps

This information covers all circuits at DPs and all interconnections made at Strowger exchange locations

This information also provides the locations of lineside telecoms equipment. It details the safety requirements when visiting the equipment.

Method Statement for Lineside Working


Lydney Junction MDF

Protectors on Exchange Rack

Lydney Junction A606


Lydney Junction to Town Crossing

Location Map

DP1 S&T Cabinet, Sig Box end of Platform

DP1A Block under platform edge

DP1B BT37A Station Master's Office

DP1C Cabinet far end of platform - Type 1

DP1D West Loop S&T Cabinet

Norchard DP3P On new MDF

DP3N Cabinet - Type 2

DP3M Cabinet - Type 2

DP3L Cabinet - Type 2

DPS Cabinet - Type 2

DP3KA Cabinet - Type 2

DPW Block Terminal in Station Building

DPV Block Terminal - Type 2

DP3K Cabinet - Type 2




Lydney Junction MDF

Protector usage

Lydney Junction A606


Lydney Junction to Town Crossing

DP Circuit Records

Lydney Junction DP1

Lydney Junction DP1A

Lydney Junction DP1B

Lydney Junction DP1C

Lydney Junction DP1D

Norchard DP3P

Norchard DP3N

Norchard DP3M

Norchard DP3L

Norchard DPS

Norchard DP3KA

Norchard DPW

Norchard DPV

Norchard DP3K



Town Crossing to Norchard

Location Map

DPHJ Cabinet - Type 2

DP3G Cabinet - Type 2 (no info available)

DPY S & T Cabinet - Type 2

DP3FA Cabinet - Type 2

DP3F Cabinet - Type 2

DP3E "Can of Beans Joint" - Type 2

DP3E Cabinet - Type 1



Town Crossing to Norchard

DP Circuit Records

Norchard DP3HJ

Norchard DP3G

Norchard DPY (no record available)

Norchard DP3FA

Norchard DP3F

Norchard DP3E Joint (no record available)

Norchard DP3E



Norchard Main Site Records


DP1 Severn & Wye Room

DP2 Workshop

DP2B Workshop

DP2C Telecoms Office

DP3 Museum

DP3A Platform 1

DP3B Waiting Room

DP3C Rear of Station Master's Office

DP3D Stationmaster's Office

DP3Q Hi Level Platform

DP3S Beside Crossing Hut

DP5 Severn & Wye Room

DP5A Severn & Wye Room

DP9 Museum Office

DP10 Loft

DP12 BT North West Corner of Building

DP13 Exchange (for Museum Equipment

DP13A Museum 10+50 Switchboard

DP14 New Booking Office

DP15 Signing On Hut

DP17 Shop Office

DPZ Norchard Signal Box

DPT Norchard Signal Box


Exchange Line Ccts to Numbers

Exchange Numbers to Line Ccts

MDF Numbers to Line Pairs

MDF Through Ccts

Norchard Concentrator SPT Ccts



Norchard Main Site Records

DP & Exchange Circuit Records

Norchard DP1

Norchard DP2

Norchard DP2B

Norchard DP2C

Norchard DP3

Norchard DP3A

Norchard DP3B

Norchard DP3C

Norchard DP3D

Norchard DP3Q

Norchard DP3S

Norchard DP5

Norchard DP5A

Norchard DP9

Norchard DP10

Norchard DP12

Norchard DP13

Norchard DP13A

Norchard DP14

Norchard DP15

Norchard DP17

Norchard DPZ

Norchard DPT


IDF A736 cards

IDF A737 cards

MDF A606 Cards

MDF Through Ccts

Norchard SPT Ccts



Norchard to Whitecroft

Location Map

DP3T Cabinet - Type 2

DPR Cabinet - Type 2

DP3U Cabinet - Type 2

DP3UA Joint- Type2

DP3V Cabinet - Type 2

DP3W Joint - Type 2

DP3X - Type 2

DP3Y Type 2

DP3YA Type 2

DP3Z - Type 2



Norchard to Whitecroft DP Circuit Records


Norchard DP3T

Norchard DPR

Norchard DP3U

Norchard DP3UA

Norchard DP3V

Norchard DP3W

Norchard DP3X

Norchard DP3Y


Norchard DP3Z


Whitecroft to Parkend

Location Map

DP1M Whitecroft Station - Type 1

DP1L Phone Cabinet - Type 1

DP1K Drainpipe Joint - Type 2

DP1J Drainpipe Joint - Type 2

DP1H Drainpipe Joint- Type2

DP1G Cabinet - Type 2

DP1F Drainpipe Joint - Type 2

DP1EA Double Drainpipe - Type 2

DPQ - Type 2

DP1E Temporary Joint - Type 2

DP1D Cabinet - Type 2

DP1 - Type 3 (Special Precautions)

DP1B - Type 2

DP1A - Type 3 (Special Precautions)

DP1C - Reserved for Oil Hut


Whitecroft to Parkend DP Circuit Records


Parkend DP1M

Parkend DP1L

Parkend DP1K

Parkend DP1J

Parkend DP1H

Parkend DP1G

Parkend DP1F

Parkend DP1EA - No records held

Parkend DPQ - No records held

Parkend DP1E

Parkend DP1D

Parkend DP1

Parkend DP1B

Parkend DP1A

Parkend DP1C


Parkend Main Site Records


Parkend DP2 Signal Box

Parkend DP3 Staff Room

Parkend DP4 Outside Goods Office

Parkend DP5 Outside Telephone Exchange

Parkend DP6 Exchange Room Call Sender


Parkend Krone MDF

Parkend Strowger to New MDF Tie Ccts

Parkend Asterisk A606

Parkend Strowger A606

Parkend Krone MDF Through Circuits

Parkend Cables to New MDF


Parkend North Krone MDF

Parkend North Signal Post Telephones

Tie Cable 1 to Parkend North

Tie Cable 2 to Parkend North


Parkend Main Site Records

DP & Exchange Circuit Records

Parkend DP2

Parkend DP3

Parkend DP4

Parkend DP5

Parkend DP6


Parkend MDF

Strowger to New MDF Tie Ccts

Parkend Asterisk A606

Parkend Strowger A606

Parkend MDF Through Circuits

Parkend Cables to New MDF


Parkend North MDF

Parkend SPT Info

Parkend-Parkend North Tie 1

Parkend-Parkend North Tie2



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2nd December 2018