This website attempts to provide a picture of the particular telephone arrangements provided at the Dean Forest Railway. These arrangements are based on those of the Post Office around the 50s and 60s as this is the general approach for the railway.

The site also attempts to record the basic telecom techniques in use at that time.

Most pages are also available in PDF form for accurate printing onto A4 paper. A link to the PDF will be found at the bottom of each page with this facility.

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The Exchange arrives at Norchard

Norchard Trunking Diagram

Norchard Final Selector Busying Relays

Norchard NU Tone for G/Selr Levels

Norchard Ring Back Circuit

Norchard 50 Volt Supply

Norchard O/G Junction Relay Set

Norchard B/W Junction Relay Set

Norchard O/G Junction Distributor

Norchard 4000 Type Incoming Selector

Norchard Level 0 Single Digit Finall

Norchard DEL First Selector

Norchard PA Equipment

222 Fire Warning System

Norchard Clocks

Norchard STARS Alarm Relay Set

Norchard Shop Display Alarm RS

Museum Signal Post Display

Norchard 500 Dial Labels

Norchard 800 Dial Labels

Junction Call Count Meters

Traffic Records


Norchard Signal Box

Norchard Line Concentrator

Norchard Concentrator Head Labels

Norchard Concentrator Tele labels

Signal Post Telephones


Lydney Junction

Lydney Signal Box Concentrator

Lydney Box Lo Volt Alarm & Misc Equipment

Lydney Signal Box 22 Line Exchange

Lydney Signal Box Alarms









Parkend Exchange Photographs

Parkend Trunking Diagram

Parkend Line Cct, L/Finder and G/Selr

Parkend Final Selector Circuit

Parkend Final Selr Traffic Distributor

Parkend Incoming First Selector

Parkend NU Tone for G/Selr Levels

Parkend B/W Junction Relay Set

Parkend Ring Back Circuit

Parkend Line Testing Arrangements

Parkend S and Z Pulse Generator

Parkend Power

Parkend Ringer and Power Control

Parkend Alarm and Test Number Circuits

Parkend Clock Circuits

Parkend 300 Dial Labels

Parkend Low Voltage Alarm

Parkend Multi Level A/A Relay Set


Basic Telecoms Information Pages

Dial Telephones

Main Distribution Frames

Distribution Cabling

Numbering and Labelling


Jumpering a New Line

Line Testing

Railway "D" Phones

Post Office Relays

Basic Signalling Techniques

Intoduction to Strowger

Transmission Bridges

Selector Stepping Circuits

Loop Disconnect Pulsing

P Wire Battery Testing

The UAX13 - Getting Dial Tone

The UAX13 - Dialling the First Digit

The UAX13 - Dialling the Last Two Digits

The UAX13 - Junction Relay Set


Relays in Stock


Miscellaneous Tips