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Grandstream BudgeTone 100

The Grandstream BudgeTone 100 is a cheap and cheerful SIP phone, which can be had from ebay for well under 20. It is a much cheaper way to get connected than buying an ATA. This quickstart guide should be enough to get you going. The full manual can be found on the Grandstream website:

Factory Reset:

Write down the MAC address from the label on the back of the phone.
Translate the letters into numbers, as A=22, B=222, C=2222, D=33, E=333, F=3333
Press the Menu button
Press the Up key until the display shows -rESEt-
Key in the MAC address you wrote down earlier.
Press MENU, phone will be reset to FACTORY DEFAULT setting, and all your setting will be erased.

Network Settings:

Press Menu
Menu Item 1 is DHCP, it defaults to "on" and that would probably fine. If you want to set up a static IP, see the full manual for details of how to do so.
Select Menu Item 2 and press Menu.
An IP address will be displayed Eg "" - remove any leading zeros Eg ""

Accessing the admin screen:

Open up a web browser, and type http:// followed by the IP address - Eg
The default admin password is ""admin"

Basic Settings:

On the "Basic Settings" tab, you should do the following:
Change the drop down box marked "Time Zone" to "GMT+0:00 London" (or similar)
Tick the quot;Daylight Savings" box
Change the Date format to the one you prefer (I like "Year-Month-Day")
Click the "Update" button at the bottom of the page

Advanced Settings:

The following settings should be set to connect to the DFR:
SIP Server:
Outbound Proxy:
SIP User ID: yourDFRusername
Authenticate ID: yourDFRusername
Authenticate Password: yourDFRpassword
Scroll down a bit, then...
Use random port: Set to "yes"
NAT Traversal: Set to "no"
Send DTMF: Set to "via RTP (RFC2833)"
NTP Server:

Once you have done the above, hit the "save" button at the bottom of the page, then click the "advanced settings" link on the confirmation page, scroll down to the bottom of the page again and click the "reboot" button.
Your phone should now show the right date/time and if you pick the handet up you should get dialtone. If you don not get dialtone, go back through the settings and check them all.

Optional Settings:

The following settings are optional, but "nice to have"
Admin Password: I recommend changing this from "admin" and either carefully note the password, or set it to something like the mac address of the phone.
Name: Set this to your name. It is used in some Caller ID Scenarios.

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Page provided by John Bathgate

This page was last updated on
14th July 2019