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6 January : Posted by Rick

Welcome to 2021

Only Rick in today. James in shop today so checked Norchard exchange, passed test calls and tested junctions. Unfortunately the tester was not working. One of the tester batteries had gone open cct and the rest were low voltage so all the batteries were taken away for renewal. Not sure when they will be replaced in tester as we are now in lockdown.

8 January : Posted by Rick

A sad day today as Ray Willey has died of the Corona virus - he was a valued member of the team and our clock and PA specialist. He did like a good whinge but was always cheerful and ready with a humorous story from his past. He will be greatly missed.

13 January : Posted by Rick

Rick in today to liaise with Chris Bull and look at the tower lights at the coal stack and the steam train siding. We used a ladder and Chris used his tree climbing safety gear to reach the top of the siding tower after we had disconnected the electric. He discovered that one light was disconnected (probably by Alex Renny when he fitted the one existing led floodlight and thought that there was insufficient electric current to power three floodlights) but he could not access the light bulbs because the cover bolts were rusted on. He did manage to disconnect the wiring and undo the lighting fixing bracket and lower the whole unit. On further inspection on the ground it was decided that it was too badly corroded and should be renewed. We tidied up and reconnected the power and checked that the one floodlight was still working. Then decided that as it was raining we would leave the tall tower for another day.

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