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16 channel MediaTrix ATAs (4116 model)

Sam had obtained two 16 channel MediaTrix ATAs (4116 model) with the older firmware (not the DGW firmware). We spent a day getting these working with FreePBX.

The main things we needed to do were

a) disable (Permanent Lock) physical RJ11 ports that were not used. Without this the MediaTrix would try and connect all 16 ports to FreePBX every 2 minutes with a blank username/password and a default extension of 333001 (to 333016). This fills the FreePBX logs and probably caused the Raspberry Pi SD Card failure. so "Permanent Forced Lock" out the ports not in use

b) For each RJ11 port you need to disable Call Transfers, Call Waiting and Call Conferences. (had to do this 16 times, one per port)

c) For good measure we also disabled the unused SIP entries for Realm, Username and Password but the only thing that stopped bogus connections to FreePBX was a Permanent Force Lock on the RJ11 port.

We also added Dial Plan Rules to the MediaTrix and disabled existing rules. The rules are

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