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Grandstream HT802

The Grandstream HT802 is a reasonably priced modern ATA, which supports rotary dialling, all for about 30. A full user guide can be found here:

Factory Reset:

Start by factory resetting the device, using a pin in the reset hole adjacent to the power socket.

Find IP Address:

Plug a DTMF phone into the ATA.

Dial ***, and you will receive a prompt asking for a menu option

Dial 02 and the device will read out the IP address.

Program the Account:

Navigate to the IP address and log in. The default username and password are both "admin". You should change this.
Click the menu item for the port that you wish to program.

Change the settings as follows:

Primary Sip Server:
Outbound Proxy:
Sip User ID: -Required User ID-
Authenticate ID: -Required User ID-
Authenticate Password: -Secret for User ID-
Name: -Pretty Name for User ID-
Dial Plan: xxx

SLIC Setting: UK

Change the ringing to be UK style In Port settings:
Ring Frequency: 25
Ring Tone 1: c=400/200-400/2000;

In Basic settings:

System Ring Cadence: c=400/200-400/2000;
Dial Tone: f1=350@-19,f2=440@-22,c=0/0;
Ringback Tone: f1=400@-20,f2=450@-20,c=400/200-400/2000;
Busy Tone: f1=400@-20,c=375/375;
Reorder Tone: f1=400@-20,c=400/350-225/525-0/0;
Call Waiting Tone: f1=440@-20,c=300/10000-300/10000-0/0;
Prompt Tone: f1=520@-19,f2=620@-22,c=0/0;
NTP Server:

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